BEDLAM has been founded on the idea that less is indeed more. Born out from our unfaltering love for design and quality, at BEDLAM we want to stay true to a minimal aesthetic and provide quality products at a fair price. 


Our Zen-inspired collections juxtapose classic elements with a contemporary design sensibility and strive to change your relationship with sleep and bedding. Our fabric of choice is high-quality percale, sateen, linen, and the designs seek to calm rather than add more chaos in your environment. 

With decades of experience in the textile industry, along with running a design studio, we at BEDLAM are proud of our visual vocabulary. Thus we invite you to leave the chaos outside and be part of the BEDLAM journey.


Ms Tanya Palta  is a fine arts photographer, an interior stylist and a visual curator. Her photography work resides in many private offices and homes, and her biggest project till date was for the US EMBASSY NEW DELHI.  Apart from photography, DESIGN remains another passion, as she has studied interiors from NEW YORK SCHOOL OF INTERIOR DESIGN. Her love for design and visual culture helped her to make a successful transition from a design blogger to running her studio and now jumping into retail with BEDLAM.