The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Summer Bed Sheets

Indian summer season is long and hard, and it brings the discomfort during nights. If you are someone who often tosses and turns in bed because you feel too hot, then maybe you need to change the bedsheets you use. Our huge range of summer bed sheets actually works even during the colder months. After all we don't have those typical European winters, at least not in most parts of the country.
When it comes to the sweltering summer months, not all bed sheets are equally comfortable. Silk, fleece, flannel, jersey are some of the fabrics to stay away from. They trap heat like nothing else and are guaranteed to make you overheat in the summer. On the other hand, linen sheets, percale sheets and satin are ideal for use in the hot season.
Our Sateen sheets are above 600 thread count, which makes them thick and not ideal for summer compared to Percale and Linen unless you are in an air conditioned room. The best cotton sheets will always be available in two varieties, percale and sateen.
Why? Because they are better than the generic short-weave cotton bedding options. All our Sateen sheets are above 600 thread count, which makes them thick and not ideal for summer compared to Percale and Linen.


Percale sheets are a bedroom must-have, especially during the warmer months. The most distinguishing feature about a Percale bed-sheet is its matte finish due to its one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave technique. Percale also tends to be quite durable and hence you will find them in hotels world over. Percale sheets have a cool crisp finish but are prone to more wrinkles and for that steam-ironing is always recommended. Our Classic white bed sheets collection is entirely made of Percale bed sheets with a thread count of 400. These sheets are ideal for warm sleepers as they are lightweight and breathable. 
summer bed sheets white


Linen sheets are light, breathable, and one of the most suitable options if you are looking for summer bed sheets. Linen tends to have a more open weave, which keeps heat from being trapped.. Whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, it doesn’t matter. Linen sheets have you covered since they are known to regulate the skin-air heat exchange, making it perfect for those Indian Summers.
Choosing the right bed linen can make or break your sleep quality. After a long hot summer day, the last thing we wish for is a warm night. So, this summer, invest in some quality soft bed sheets that are sure to keep you cool and comfy all summer!
Bonne Nuit!