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Article: How To Choose Winter Bedding

Winter Bedding, Winter Bed Sheets

How To Choose Winter Bedding

Is your winter bedding ready?

Indian winter is the season for picnics under the sun and bonfire nights. Some of us prefer to stay in with a glass of Wine or Hot Chocolate and Netflix. After all, who does not like to snuggle and sleep cozy on a cold winter night. And if you’re not a morning person, then snoozing the alarm, and waking up to a warm cuppa in bed is definitely something you wouldn’t skip for the world. But have you got your winter bedding ready to enjoy all this extra time in bed?
Choosing the right winter bedding may not seem crucial, however, the bedsheet fabric quality, its thread count, the Duvet, it all makes a huge difference to how well you sleep at night. So, if you are not sure where to start, then here are some tips on what to keep in mind before choosing your winter bedding.

Choose perfect thickness for the season

Generally, cotton bed sheets work well in all seasons, however, the thread count can drastically improve your sleep quality. During summers you need lighter, more breathable sheets, but in winters a higher thread count works well to retain the warmth a bit better. If you tend to feel hot at night, you may consider our Percale or linen bed sheets. If you tend to feel cold, we do offer cotton bedding in higher thread count with tighter weave. Our 1000 thread count sheets have a tight weave making them thicker and warmer than usual.
Try TYPEFACE #4, one of our bestseller 1000TC bedding sets - you can even monogram your initials on the pillowcases!

Duvet Covers

It can often be a tedious task to match your blanket with different kinds of bedsheets. Duvet covers are perfect for winters, as you can use them with a blanket, quilt or even a comforter. Depending on the actual temperature, you can simply slip the duvet cover over any of your blankets. You don’t always need to buy a new blanket, but just buy duvet covers that go well with your bed sheet sets. You can slip a blanket, quilt or a comforter into the duvet cover depending on how cozy you want your bed to be. Our 1000 TC Duvet Cover that matches perfectly with our TYPEFACE#4 bedding set with monogram.

Bedspreads and Quilts

When it comes to winter bedding, you need a few layers to make the bed. An important layer is a bedspread or quilt that not only looks warm and inviting but also keeps you cozy when you tuck yourself in. If you are still not winter ready, now is the time to grab something from our hand-stitched Kantha quilts and bedspreads. Made of 500TC PIMA cotton sateen each piece is hand-stitched by skilled artisans.


Can You Use Linen Bed Sheets in Winters?

Linen is typically assumed to be a summer fabric. Well, that's nothing more than a myth! Yes, Linen is breathable and cool when it is warm outside, but its strong flax fibers make it durable in winter too. Linen is temperature regulating, and it can keep you warm during cooler conditions. So you can definitely use Linen bed sheets in winters
Try our Oatmeal coloured Natural Linen Duvet Cover that can be used with any blanket or quilt you like during winters.


No winter bedding set up is complete without a luxurious supple warm bed throw or couch shawl. Our pick would be pashmina or cashmere throws that can last for generations and are beautiful heirloom pieces. Bedlam’s range of wool throws have been sourced from the regions of Ladakh and woven from the combed hairs of goats. The goats are not hurt in the process and live happy lives tended to by traditional goatherd. Our Cashmere throws also make the perfect anniversary or wedding gift.



Final thoughts

Season doesn’t matter when it comes to a good night’s sleep. The right kind of bedding makes all the difference to how you wake up in the morning. Use bedding that is soft, and made with good quality cotton, so you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed! If you're a moody one, try white bed sheets - its peaceful! So get yourself some new winter bedding and leave the cold chaos outside this winter season.

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