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Article: Guide To Duvet TOG Ratings

Duvet TOG Ratings

Guide To Duvet TOG Ratings

Sleep is the one thing that pretty much no one can compromise on! No matter your lifestyle, you need a good night’s sleep to function well. Many factors affect your sleep quality. Be it your work-life balance, diet, your overall physical and mental health, or maybe your partner’s loud snoring, your sleep can be disturbed by many factors. Similarly, your Duvet can keep you uncomfortable at night. So, if you’re not sleeping well, ceteris paribus, there's a possibility you've been sleeping under the wrong type of duvet.
So, what makes a duvet good? Apart from the many things to consider, there is one factor that often confuses people about the type of duvet to buy - its TOG rating.
Many of us aren’t very familiar with what exactly is TOG rating? TOG stands for 'Thermal Overall Grade', a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of textiles. In this case, TOG refers to the ability of your duvet to trap heat and retain warmth. The higher the tog rating of your duvet, the more heat it can retain to keep you warm through the night.The lower the tog rating of your duvet, the cooler your duvet will be to sleep in.

Duvet TOG Ratings Scale


Low duvet togs range from 1.5 to 3 tog. These types of duvets are generally coolest and lightweight, making them reasonable for use during summer nights when you prefer to stay cool. If its quite hot, you're probably using an air-conditioner and a light duvet to sleep cozy. In this case, our mustard linen duvet cover is ideal with any lightweight duvet, and also works well with our mustard yellow bed sheets made from pure linen.
Mustard Linen Duvet Cover
Then comes the 4 to 7.5 tog duvets, which make incredible summer duvets if you find the ultra lightweight tog duvets a little too thin for the air conditioning.
Next come the 7.5 to 10 tog duvets which are good during spring or autumn, when nights are cool but not cold enough to pull out the oil-heaters and thick blankets. Here you may consider our luxury duvet cover with a high 1000TC pure sateen cotton. This is great for the cooler months, and of course, you can use it as a blanket cover to match your bedding during winters.
luxury duvet cover
10 or more than 10 tog duvets are ideal winter duvets, designed to retain as much heat as possible. Tog ratings generally go up to a maximum of 15 tog, which will provide maximum warmth during those chilly winter nights.

Which duvet filling to choose?

Natural fillings, such as goose and duck feathers, are known to give a more significant level of warmth as animal feathers are highly capable for trapping in warm air. Feather duvets are more likely to provide a better degree of warmth with less thickness, unlike manufactured hollow fibre and microfibre duvets that are generally thicker than feather duvets, and provide a similar degree of warmth.

Which duvet tog should you buy?

In case you are a hot sleeper, a better option will be choosing a duvet tog somewhere in the range of 4 and 7.5. It will keep you cozy, yet not too hot through the night. If you feel a little chilly at night, you can consider a TOG rating between  7.5 and 10.5 and see if it suits.
In case you feel this tog rating is still not enough, and you tend to feel very cold at night, or have a cold bedroom, the highest tog rating would be between 10.5 to 15. This should definitely keep you warm at night.
A nice Duvet can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a good, restful night’s sleep. So it’s worth spending this little bit of time making sure you’ve got the right one.
While we don’t make Duvets, we do offer a range of duvet covers in a variety of colours and fabrics. All in high thread count and ethically sourced textiles with great quality. Checkout our range to find the perfect fit for your cozy nights.

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