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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Design and Decor


It is no secret that at BEDLAM we truly believe in the mantra “less is more" and it's no coincidence that our tagline is “leave the chaos outside”. This philosophy is something we try to incorporate in all aspects of our lives. Be it design, relationships, or lifestyle, going clutter-free is the best way to live. And no we don’t mean to go all Marie Kondo on you, are suggesting decor baby steps. This approach can also be seen in our own designs, which do away with cacophonous prints and focus more on solid colours and subtle embellishments.
So what is minimalism? Does it mean your living space has to be all white and have just the essentials? Well, one doesn’t need to be extreme and live like a monk! "Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value in life by removing anything that distracts us from it," says Joshua Becker, the writer of the Becoming Minimalist blog and author of The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life. This approach can be extended to a minimalist bedroom and it doesn’t need to be just open spaces, spartan decor or bare walls.
Minimalist bedroom design can make a room both, functional and stylish. Listed below are some minimalist bedroom design ideas that will help you to keep calm and turn your bedroom into a personal refuge.
White minimalist bedroom decor ideas


For starters, make a list of the essential pieces of furniture you would require. A stylish bed with complimenting side tables, a stylish credenza, a floor to ceiling mirror, a functional wardrobe, a comfy lounger/ accent chair are some of the pieces you would need. The bed should be the highlight of the space and our personal favourites are wrought iron beds, or a Scandinavian style wooden bed. Once you have zeroed onto a bed, add the rest of the furniture pieces accordingly.


Soft furnishings can make or break a room. To have a stylish space without going over the top, it it is important to invest in good fabrics, which doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Splurge on pure linen sheers or cotton curtains in shades of white, grey or even oatmeal.
Have a stylish rug in the centre of the room instead of a heavy carpet, especially if you have wooden floors. Finish it all by investing in good bed linen and throw a couch shawl on the bed to make that final style statement. You can use white bed sheets, or in other solid tones to keep it simple.
Minimalist room decor design ideas


People often get lighting wrong, which is unfortunate as the right kind of lamp fixtures really elevate a space. To achieve minimalist bedroom interior design, you will need lots of light and this can be either natural or artificial or a combination of both. To bring in the outside inside, use sheer linen curtains, or get blinds that can be opened most day. Those who are not fortunate enough to have natural light can invest in an array of lamps. Suspend a lamp from the ceiling with a warm Edison bulb or a yellow led. Have a floor lamp in one corner of the room and have some subtle bedside lamps. No naked bulbs or white tube lights, please!
Minimalist bedroom decor ideas


By natural material, we mean wooden floors, wooden furniture, high quality cotton bedsheets, linen upholstery. All these materials not only represent an eco-conscious mind but also lend lightness and airiness to any space. Believe us, the choice of materials is often neglected but can make all the difference. 
Minimalist Bedroom Ideas


What do we mean by decor essentials? Usually one tends to fill their spaces up with various small objects. These can be gift items, small vases, candles, frames etc. We at BEDLAM believe in picking just a few style items that can make an impact. You have to avoid excessive ornamentation and focus on single pieces. This can be a stunning monochromatic print or artwork adorning a wall, or a single vase on top of a credenza or a photo frame for that added personal touch.
Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas 
A bedroom should help you achieve a good night’s sleep and pure relaxation without compromising on the aesthetics. To get the minimalist bedroom of your dreams, remember to focus on a neutral colour palette, quality bedding, beautiful natural textiles and warm inviting lightening. There is no one ‘right way’ of creating minimalist bedroom design but our suggestions listed above will surely create a serene space and leave the chaos outside (no pun intended).

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