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Best Indian Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples


The Indian wedding season is a special time for many families, filled with beautiful traditions and festive celebrations. If you're attending a wedding and need gift ideas, we've got you covered. Our selection of personalized and meaningful gifts will help you make a lasting impression on the happy couple. Whether it's something practical or something sentimental, there's something here for everyone.


Gifting is an integral part of Indian weddings, as it's a symbol of love, respect, and gratitude towards the couple and their families. It's customary to gift something special to the newlyweds that they can use in their future life together as a married couple. In fact, exchanging gifts is seen as a way of strengthening the bond between two families and creating lasting memories of the wedding day. From traditional items like jewelry and clothing to more modern gadgets and experiences, there are endless options for meaningful gifts in Indian weddings.

Here at BEDLAM, we have compiled a list of the perfect luxury wedding gifts ideas for newly married couples. Our picks are an alternative to the traditional wedding gift options and much more personal than the good old boring shagun envelopes. Well, you can always use these luxury gift ideas for couples celebrating their anniversary or other occasions.


Good bed linen always makes for a great wedding gift for couples. Monogrammed bedding sets make even for a better gift! There is nothing more thoughtful or personal than custom bed sheets with the initials of the bride and groom monogrammed. At BEDLAM on special requests, we monogram our bedding with the initials of the couple. The His and Hers pillows make for the perfect wedding gift and can be picked in a variety of fabrics from 400 thread count percale to 1000 thread count sateen.
If you're looking for a slightly more economical gift to add, we also have a range of cotton bed sheets for you to choose from.
Indian wedding gift ideas for newly wed couples
If you really want to splurge or want a gift that lasts a long time, then commission a design studio to do a bespoke customised piece of furniture for the bride and groom. A piece of bespoke furniture is ideal for those couples who are moving into a new house and starting their journey together. ANTHOLOGIE DESIGN does custom made to order furniture and seen below is their Deco Credenza. Made of Red Cedar with brass accents, this art-deco inspired piece also has an in-built wireless charger so one can just charge their smartphones at night without any hideous wires in sight!
Wedding Gift Ideas
One of the most classic wedding gifts is expensive glassware or barware. Bar-carts are already in fashion and you can help the newlyweds set a stylish bar-cart by buying a stunning crystal decanter or a super cool cocktail set. We personally feel you cannot go wrong with an expensive set of wine or champagne glasses. NUDE GLASS from Turkey or LSA International from the UK are some of the brands we personally adore.
Wedding Gift Ideas

When it comes to a wedding present, nothing is more perfect than a pashmina shawl that can be used as a luxury bed throw. Always considered an heirloom piece, pashmina or cashmere can be handed down generations.

A pure Pashmina shawl or Throw is one of the best wedding gifts for a newlywed couple who are moving together to start a new life and build a home. Bedlam has a luxurious range of oversized cashmere throws and couch shawls which will keep the newlywed’s warm and make quite the style statement. You can always gift this for a couple's anniversary. 
Pure Mulberry silk is luxury at its best; so why not use it as a luxury wedding gift for couples. While it's safe to assume that the bride will love the feel of pure silk pillowcase, there's no reason the groom won't appreciate a the look and feel of a luxurious bedding. What's even better is that we can monogram their initials on the pillowcase, so it becomes extra special.
They say the first year of marriage is an extended honeymoon. Not sure we entirely believe this, but it’s always a good idea to gift a romantic stay for the bride and groom. Believe us they will need it, as they navigate their way to a new life together! Be it a Lakeview stay at Udaipur, or a beach view cottage in South Goa or an uninterrupted view of the Himalayas, in India we are spoilt for choice. The TAARA HOUSE in Manali is our personal pick as nothing is more romantic than dining under the stars. The highlight of this stunning mountain lodge is the glasshouse which has stunning panoramic views of the mighty Himalayas. You can visit the website here and contact them to generate a voucher.
Oh, and did we mention that they use BEDLAM’s Monogrammed bedsheets?
Taara House Romantic Getaway Holiday Home
There are two kinds of people on this planet. Those who cook and those who don't. However, both kind will still covet the Le Creuset Cookware. This iconic cookware range has loved the world over for their cast iron cookware, tableware, kitchen tools etc. The perfect amalgamation of style and function, the Le Creuset Cookware has been a favourite among the discerning chefs and home cooks and hence makes for the perfect wedding gift.
While personalised bedding makes a great wedding gift, customised towels is a fabulous add-on to the gift box. With their initials embroidered, the couple will love the luxurious feeling of these monogrammed towels. Whether its terry towels or face and hand towels, our bath collection has a few unique pieces that make one of the best wedding gift items to give to couples.
Every couple loves to lounge around and be lazy in Pyjamas on their day off. Nothing suits this mood better than a robe that is not only super comfy but also looks good. Bedlam's linen robes make a wonderful gift for he and she. The couple can throw it on post a bath and spend their day slaying in bed like there's no world outside! The robes can be personalised too with their initials monogrammed.
Wedding Gift Ideas
We understand that finding the perfect wedding gift online for couples is tricky business. So, hopefully our list of personalized and unique gift ideas will help you find the best wedding gifts online. You can purchase these gifts for not only bride and groom, but also for couples celebrating their marriage anniversary or other occasions.  

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