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Article: The Anatomy Of A Bed - Bedding Guide 101

The Anatomy Of A Bed - Bedding Guide 101

The Anatomy Of A Bed - Bedding Guide 101


You do not have to check into a fancy 5 Star hotel to experience luxurious bedding. Many consider BEDLAM the OG when it comes to introducing the hotel bedding concept in India (beware of imitations), so we decided to share the BEDLAM FORMULA! 

There is more to making the perfect bed than just throwing some pillows and sheets, it is quite frankly an art. Your bed is your sanctuary and there is nothing like slipping into a gorgeous bed at the end of the night. The BEDLAM FORMULA will help you achieve maximum aesthetic impact without making life complicated for you. 

FITTED SHEET - The fitted sheet is your foundation and goes at the bottom. In India, most mattresses are custom-made, and we at BEDLAM are cognisant of this fact. Hence we offer size customisation on fitted sheets and offer them in all our styles.

FLAT SHEET - Also known as a Top Sheet, the flat sheet lays between the Fitted Sheet and the Duvet Cover and is folded over at the top for a decorative accent.

THE DUVET - At BEDLAM we recommend a linen duvet as it's temperature regulating and lightweight. For those extra chilly nights, a down alternative is always a good option.

DUVET COVER -  is what makes or breaks a bed. It has an envelope-like case with an opening at one end to insert the quilt or comforter, but that is just its functional role. Aesthetically it is the quintessential “star of the show,” since it sets the tone for the overall look of your bed.

PILLOWCASES - These are included with the bedsheets and often have a decorative element. Match the decorative elements of your pillowcases to the duvet cover.

EURO SHAMS - Euro Shams are 26 x 26 inches and are part of the main bed-scape, or “top of the bed.” They are usually propped up on the bed and come with different types of closures.

DECORATIVE CUSHIONS - This is optional but it is always a fun element to add to a bed, especially in the daytime. These types of pillows enhance the visual style of the bedding and our L’INDE Collection is perfect for this kind of set-up.

THROWS - The perfect accent, throws are like mini-blankets and are found “lounging” on the top of beds, sofas, chairs or in your lap. Always invest n a luxurious throw and not the acrylic variety. Our GI Certified Pashmina Throws are the epitome of luxury and are available in a stunning pastel palette.


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