Artisanal Kantha Bedcovers: A Complete Guide

At BEDLAM when we launched our STITCH Kantha Bedspread collection, we got a lot of enquiries about the artisanal collection and what makes it special. Hence we decided to focus on the art of Kantha and delve into its history a little bit. 

Kantha embroidery work

Interestingly, all BEDLAM Kantha products are made by women in villages near Rudrapur, Uttrakhand. These women are mostly working from home and supplementing their income while looking after their children and homes. The art of Kantha in a way gives the women artisans agency, who are often not allowed to work outside their homes. 


Kantha as a technique is unique to India and has a rich cultural history. Traditionally crafted by women in West Bengal and Bangladesh for centuries, who would take old saris, drape them on top of each other, and then begin stitching them together using a simple running stitch. Now Kantha is not just restricted to the Bengal regions and women all over India have learnt the art of Kantha stitching. The word “Kantha” itself means “patched cloth” in Sanskrit, reflecting the technique’s origins in repurposing old fabrics. 

The Kantha Stitch entails creating a distinctive wavy pattern that is both beautiful and functional in keeping the layers of fabric together. Today, these stunning Kantha quilts are made using similar techniques by skilled artisans who preserve this tradition while creating unique designs that suit modern tastes. 

Kantha embroidery work


Why Choose Kantha Bedcovers?

Kantha bedcovers are a great addition to any bedroom for several reasons. Firstly, they are handcrafted by skilled women artisans using traditional techniques, which means each piece is unique and has its character.

Additionally, many people appreciate the cultural significance and history behind the craft of Kantha embroidery, making owning one of these pieces all the more meaningful. It not only adds style to your home but supports the continuation of traditional craftsmanship. 

Furthermore, the intricate stitching and embroidery techniques used in Kantha creation make these bedcovers true works of art that will stand the test of time. Whether you use yours as an eye-catching bedspread or as a light summer quilt, Kantha stitch design will surely be the highlight.

Kantha embroidery work

In conclusion, Kantha embroidery work is stunning and gives a unique look any bedroom. This traditional form of Indian embroidery has been passed down through generations, resulting in exquisite pieces that showcase the artistry and skill of the artisans who create them.