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Article: Bedlam: Luxury Bedding At Home

Bedlam: Luxury Bedding At Home

Bedlam: Luxury Bedding At Home

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“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”

 Homer,  from the The Odyssey

At BEDLAM, we fully realise the importance of good night sleep, so much so, that we built an entire company around it!

From Melatonin to meditation, to self-care to sleeping pills, to aromatherapy to just plain old therapy, Sleep-aids are available dime a dozen. However, in all this, we have often neglected the ubiquitous bed-sheet, where we lay hours and have an intimate relationship with.

Truth be told, there is nothing as comforting and relaxing a well-made bed and the sheets you lay on and we get this.

BEDLAM was conceptualised to replicate your luxury hotel bedding experience at home. Why you may ask? Well, believe us, nothing screams bliss more than those heavenly crips sheets that you just sink in and don’t feel getting out (Hello room service). Now that feeling is attainable and doesn’t involve you checking in a hotel every-time, rather than just buying our classic sheet set! (Come on, we had to plug that in)

Jokes apart, so what is BEDLAM and why should you be shopping with us?

For starters, we invite you to leave the chaos outside the bedroom. Our vision is to create bedlam in the archaic textile industry and be a “disrupter” by not playing by the old rules. There is no middleman here, and this direct to consumer approach makes for competitive pricing without compromising on the quality. With decades of experience in the textile industry, along with running a design studio, we are conscious of providing quality products at a fair price. 

So why are we different from the numerous online sellers on Amazon or the brick and mortar stores in your neighbourhood mall? Well for starters, our collections are niche, as we do not believe in mass production. Our cotton bedsheets start from a 400 Thread-count and we are also the first one to launch flax linen bedsheets in India. 

Unlike other bedding players, we don't artificially soften our fabrics and more importantly, we are transparent. Manufacturing is done in-house and we strive to provide a curated experience. Everything is done in small batches and our artisans are well trained with decades of experience.

Our fabric of choice is high-quality percale, sateen, and linen, and they are all about casual elegance and breathability. Apart from the technical stuff,  our design vision is solid, as we are not going the down the Rabbit Hole of chaotic prints, crazy colours or Indian kitsch. Less is indeed more, and, we want to stay true to a minimal aesthetic. Our Zen-inspired collection is truly modern or “Monochromatic Minimalism” as we like to call it!

So we invite you on the BEDLAM journey, and yes you’re going to sleep better and they will make your bedroom look fabulous as well! 

Thank You,

Team Bedlam


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