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Article: Why Do Hotels Have White Bedding

White Bedding Sets India

Why Do Hotels Have White Bedding


Hotel white bedding India



Think white bedding or white furnishings, and the mind instantly flashes to that one friend who is prone to spilling wine, your partner inadvertently dropping ketchup and the children unleashing their inner Picasso on it. Yes, Murphys Law does come to play, but what if we tell you that your fears are unfounded? White furnishings are actually super easy to maintain, so say Hello to that beautiful white couch you always dreamt off or that uber-luxe white hotel style bedding set you fell in love with.

Contrary to popular belief, bright whites are not a myth and are achievable without any hassles. Don’t believe us? Well, before we take you down on the journey of why white is right (for your bedding needs) think about your favourite hotel room. That covetable bed where you luxuriate in peace, as you sink into the mattress and enjoy the white crisp sheets. Sheer bliss, isn’t it?

There is no question that hotel bed sheets look classy and are the epitome of luxury. We also strongly feel that the bedroom should be serene and calm. White adds to the Zen ambience as you do not want crazy chaotic prints clashing with the overall decor. But, apart from the design aspect, there is another reason why Hotels use white beddings. Simply put, they are just so easy to maintain.

Yes, you read that right. Unlike your traditional colour bedsheets, a white bed-sheet will stand the test of time. It will turn your boudoir into a luxury hotel and will save you money over time.

How you may ask? Well, for starters, white bed sheets don’t have to deal with issues like colour fading. White textiles can be bleached back to its original perfection, at home or professionally. Dry cleaning won’t ruin it either. Not keen to use to chemicals? Luckily, the market has eco-friendly whitening products and we personally swear by baking soda!

We at BEDLAM personally love white furnishings, and our Classic Sheet Collection pays homage to the much-desired hotel bedding. Just as your favourite luxury hotel, our sheets also have a matte finish, since we use high-quality Percale. The Classic Sheet Collection has an impressive 400 thread count and weaved to ensure the utmost quality. Most sellers in India sell a thread count of 200-300 and if you check their websites, many do not even mention thread count. Our clients, Taara House have used our Monogrammed bed sheets at their beautifully designed luxury holiday home in Manali

Why do hotels use white towels?

Step into any luxurious hotel room, and you're likely to find a pristine white towel waiting for you. Have you ever wondered why hotels use white towels? Is it simply a matter of aesthetic preference, or is there a deeper reason behind this choice?


White towels and cleanliness perception

White towels are synonymous with cleanliness and luxury. From a practical standpoint, white towels are easier to maintain. They can be bleached to remove any stubborn stains, ensuring that they stay bright and pristine, even after multiple uses. Stains and discoloration are more readily visible on white fabric, making it easier for housekeeping staff to identify and remove any potential blemishes. This not only enhances the longevity of the towels but also contributes to the overall cleanliness of the hotel's linen inventory.


The psychology of color in hotel design

Color plays a crucial role in creating a specific ambiance and evoking emotions. When it comes to hotel design, every color choice is deliberate and carefully selected to enhance guests' experience. White, in particular, has a significant impact on our psychology. It is associated with purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. These are qualities that hotels strive to embody in their brand image, making white towels a natural choice. In terms of color psychology, white promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation. This is especially important in a hotel setting where guests seek refuge from their daily routines and want to unwind.


White towels and luxury branding

 Luxury hotels strive to create an atmosphere of indulgence and opulence. White towels play a vital role in establishing this perception of luxury. Their crisp and immaculate appearance instantly elevates the guest experience, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall ambiance. Moreover, white towels have a timeless appeal that transcends trends. They never go out of style and are synonymous with elegance. Thus, the choice of white towels in hotels is not merely a matter of aesthetic preference. It is a strategic decision that takes into account the psychological impact, symbolism, and practical advantages of white towels

BEDLAM is committed to the mantra of affordable luxury bedding and a minimalist design sensibility. Understated elegance is what we strive for and hence we are the biggest fans of Hotel Bedding. Manufactured and then washed in small batches, our luxury hotel white bedding inspired Collection comes with an edge treatment on the pillows, that can be replicated on the duvet covers (on request). Using high-quality cotton, the sheets are not flimsy and have been tested in home washing machines and dryers. So do check out our Classic Sheet Collection, and replicate the luxurious hotel experience in your homes. 

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