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Article: How To Keep White Sheets White

How To Keep White Sheets White

How To Keep White Sheets White

There is something extra special about crisp sheets. Maybe because it transports one to their favourite luxury hotel. Or maybe it brings a zen-like aesthetic to one's bedroom. We at BEDLAM love being enveloped in our crispy white bed sheets and want our clients to keep enjoying them for as long as possible. Hence, we decided to share some trade secrets on how to keep your white sheets white. Believe us, achieving that bright white look is easier than you think.
It's true that white bedding tends to get dirty faster than colours, especially in India where, we deal with dust and warmer temperatures. White sheets are actually easy to maintain contrary to the popular belief. This is why all hotels across the board use white sheets. However, over time they lose their whiteness and this can be due to a number of reasons. Some of them being: build-up of body oils, improper washing or overloading the washing machine, excess use of bleach and even something like improper storage inboxes. In fact, using a lot of bleach can harm your sheets in the long run. This is mainly due to the fact that over time, bleach damages the fibres and shortens the lifespan of your sheet set.
Listed below are some of our tips to keep white sheets white.
Note: these tips are best suited to white cottons around 400 thread count. Pure Linen Sheets have a different washing and maintaining process, so pay attention the material before washing or ironing bed sheets.
Clean Your Spills Immediately
We often procrastinate when it comes to cleaning a spill immediately. If you have stained your sheet with coffee or wine or some other item, just immediately take action. You do not have to wash them immediately, but use a stain remover and run the fabric under cold water. Avoid warm or hot water as that leads to protein-based stains being set prematurely.
How To Keep White Sheets White
Remove Your Makeup
By removing your makeup before getting into bed, not only will your skin thank you, but also your bed sheets. Over time, there will be build-up from all the chemicals from your skin products and you definitely do not want foundation and mascara streaks on your white linens!
Wash The Right Way
It is important to wash your white sheets regularly and at least once a week. Use mild liquid detergent and ensure that all the soap is rinsed out. Another mistake we often make is that we overload our machine. Always wash white linens separately as other colour clothes may bleed their colour onto the sheets. Sometimes different textured fabric causes piling due to friction, so always wash your sheets separately.
White Revivers - should you bleach your bed sheets?
Avoid bleach as much as you can. While it is true that bleach really makes your whites whiter, however over time they damage your bedding by weakening the fibres. Instead, use baking soda in your washing load. You can also add ½ cup white distilled vinegar at the start of the rinse cycle. If you need something stronger then a product like Oxi Clean which is easily available on Amazon.
How to keep white sheets white
We all love hotel sheets but often forget those sheets are white because a lot of care has gone into them. It is easy to replicate that setting in your own bedroom, but you have to proactive about it. Remember just the extra little care will go a long way!

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