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Article: How To Wash and Iron Your Bed Sheets

How to wash and iron bed sheets

How To Wash and Iron Your Bed Sheets

As lovers of luxurious bedding, we often find it hard to choose the type of bed linen for the day. The weather and the mood does help, but it also comes down to personal taste in the type of bed sheets you like.
On a hot summer day, nothing beats white bed sheets to add that cool feeling. But one must know how to keep white bed sheets clean. If you have a love for white, but want to break it up a little, add a matching cotton quilt to complete the look, or a Cashmere bed throw to style it up. But make sure there is no dust getting into your bedroom.
While we love making the bed with quality cotton bed sheets, it would be remiss not to mention one of our favourite items to splurge on: linen bed sheets. The weather in India is generally hot and humid from 3-8 months of the year - linen works in such conditions.
Linen fabric is considered to be natural because it is made from the fibres of the flax plant. Linen is known for its stiff and crispy feel when new, and if you’re like us, then you understand that that's what makes linen so special. Linen gets softer with age, but loses some of its durability if you don't maintain it well.
Maintaining your bed sheets keeps them soft and strong while retaining the quality of fibres. Washing your sheets properly is crucial, but the one thing you must pay extra attention to: ironing the sheets!

How to wash bed sheets

To wash your sheets, use cold water with a gentle detergent. Choose a mild detergent that is free of dyes. A non-bleach detergent will work best to get stains out of your sheets. It’s better to use a front-loading washing machine so that your sheets don't get damaged during the spin cycle.

How to dry best sheets

You can hang your bed sheets outside to dry, or place them on a drying rack. However, we recommend drying them in shade to avoid the harsh sun. You could even tumble dry your sheets. Avoid drying them outside if it’s too windy, so they don’t catch dust.

How to iron bed sheets

Ironing bed sheets can get rid of wrinkles and ensure that they'll stay smooth for as long as possible. However, the amount of effort usually depends on the type fibres your bed sheets are made of. Natural fibres like linen, wool, cotton, silk require more gentle care and specific knowledge in order to make them wrinkle-free without damaging them. When using an iron on your bed sheets, use a low heat setting and iron in short bursts. Ironing from the top down or middle out will help prevent scorching.
Ironing bed sheets
Linen is quite sturdy, and tends to crease very quickly, therefore ironing it can be difficult. The best way to remove wrinkles from linen bedding is by ironing with a steaming function, as steam helps soften the fabric. Be sure to spread the sheets wide without leaving any folds, to avoid creasing.
How to wash and iron bed sheets
If the sheets are dry, spray them with clean water to help dampen the fabric. Use a towel or cotton cloth in between the linen sheet and hot steam iron. This prevents the linen fabric from getting damaged. Avoid folding your linen sheets just after you iron them to avoid creasing; let them dry out first.
You can turn your wrinkly sheets into smooth ones that look good and feel great. Wow your guests with well maintained and crisp looking linen in bed. Just follow our simple guide and make those pesky wrinkles disappear!

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