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Article: Unique Luxury Gift Ideas For A Bedroom

unique luxury gifts for bedroom

Unique Luxury Gift Ideas For A Bedroom

“In luxury we trust” is a mantra we at BEDLAM aspire for. Thankfully over the past few years, luxury doesn’t automatically translate into decadence. Concepts like affordable luxury, positive luxury, ethical luxury etc have been embraced and suddenly luxury feels more democratic. Hence, we decided to help you pick some of our favourite brands that will make for some unique luxury gifts for any bedroom. After all, recreating the right vibe is absolutely crucial as the bedroom is where you relax and recharge!

The Donna Table Lamp - SCHOOLHOUSE
SCHOOLHOUSE can really school (pardon the pun) anyone with their stellar collection of lighting fixtures. This Portland-based company pays homage to classic American designs and it was hard to hard to pick a favourite. Personally we love the Donna Table Lamp as it has been on our wishlist for ages and think it makes for the perfect gift. Crafted from heavy-gauge aluminium and with a rich Gold Anodized finish, the Donna can be ordered from here.

Monogrammed Bedsheets by BEDLAM

Let's be honest, nothing makes more of a thoughtful gift than something personalised or bespoke. Monogrammed bedding sets by BEDLAM check all the boxes and make a unique luxury gift for any bedroom. These sets are personalised with initials monogrammed on the pillowcases, and the high-quality long-staple cotton also makes these sets Fair Trade Certified.

Unique luxury gifts

FIELD - Still & Tandem 

Still & Tandem is a multidisciplinary studio that has some gorgeous pieces which highlight their unique and holistic approach towards design. The FIELD is truly an objet d art, as it is an amalgamation of “function, fragrance and reflection”. The object includes a spherical incense holder made from a natural healing stone. Then there is the glowing ember and smoke mirror, which catches the ephemeral reflections through the play of light and shadow. You can buy the FIELD from here and remember it on pre-order only. 

Candle Making Kits - CEDAR LIFESTYLE 

Who doesn’t like receiving beautifully designed and fragranced candles as gifts? Unfortuenly the market is flooded with candles. However, there are certain brands that are highlighting a contemporary visual language and CEDAR is one such brand. Based out of Manchester, all CEDAR candles are hand-poured and made of only 100% natural wax with a heady mix of fragrances and essential oils. Their Candle Making Kits makes for the perfect gift and can be personalised which is an added bonus. You can buy the DIY kits here.

Thoronet Dish - Studio Henry Wilson

Australian design studio Studio Henry Wilson has a penchant for designing products that are a rare juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity. While their designs capture a contemporary aesthetic, the reverence to traditional craftsmanship is hard to miss. Take for example the Thoronet Dish in Calacatta Viola marble. Made of solid stone, the piece pays homage the Romanesque architecture of the Thoronet abbey in South of France. Each piece is manufactured in natural stone and we think it's perfect for the bedside table for storing precious knick-knacks. You can order the Thoronet Dish from here.

So there you have it. Our personal pick of the most unique luxury gift ideas for the bedroom. According to us, these wonderful bedroom gifts have blurred the boundaries between luxury, design and fashion, and will infuse the right splash of style in the bedroom.

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