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Article: Why Buy Flax Linen Bedsheets

flax linen bedsheets, flax linen sheets India

Why Buy Flax Linen Bedsheets

flax linen bedsheets, best linen bedsheets India

Why to buy flax linen bedsheets? Isn’t Linen stiff and abrasive? These are the first questions we get at BEDLAM, from our clients. We do not get surprised with these questions since, in India, Linen is associated with that crisp white office shirt, or a pair of starchy pants that have to be ironed perfectly. Your linen garment will be different from your flax linen bedsheets, as the sheets are pre-softened. You will also come across terms like "stone-washed linen sheets", which simply means the sheets have been washed with natural stones, such as pumice to accelerate the softness by loosening the weave of the pure linen fabric.

What if we tell you, Linen will change the way you sleep? Do not believe us? Just run a quick Google search and you will see how the whole world is going gaga over flax Linen bedsheets, and it is indeed a game-changer in the bedding industry. In fact, our dream to run a luxury bedding boutique in India stemmed from experiencing the sexy softness of Linen sheets abroad.  Pinterest played a part too, as being exposed to those delightful images of soft, supple rumpled linen bedding sets made us fans for life.

The Casual Chicness of a linen sheet set is unique, and the lived-in quality and simple colours are what makes it stand apart. But, more than just the aesthetics, there are other more practical reasons, which makes flax linen bedsheets simply fabulous and we have broken it down for you below:


With every wash, you will get to experience scrumptious softness that will make it impossible to get out of bed!



Linen is 100% natural and has some super unique properties. Research has shown that those people prone to allergies or those who have sensitive skin, sleep better on linen! Linen has been shown to promote a night of more restful sleep and some studies claim, that it helps in female fertility!

flax linen bed sheets, best linen bedsheets India



This natural fabric is resistant to bacteria, fungus, dust mites, and is naturally insect repellent, so a more relaxing and hygienic sleep is guaranteed.



Whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, it doesn’t matter. Linen sheets have you covered since they are known to regulate the skin-air heat exchange, making it perfect for those Indian Summers.




Linen has a unique molecular structure, is known to absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture and the fibres allows for more airflow. So, no more clammy bedsheets.



Okay, we had to talk about aesthetics once more. Nothing looks more inviting than a soft pastel linen sheet. Our own linen sheets are made of Instagram dreams and are the ultimate in understated luxury.


Flax Linen Bedsheet Set

BEDLAM is proud to launch Flax Linen bedsheets in India. The BEDLAM LINEN SHEETS are softened, stone-washed and made all in house. We have sourced ethically and have priced the linen sheets fairly. Since there is no middleman, we can sell a sheet set in a price range of 6000 INR as opposed to the standard price of 12,000 and onwards. So try our linen sheets, and we promise you won’t regret.



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