Rs 4,000

This Copper coloured Mulberry silk pillowcase is sheer luxury and class in your bedroom. If you like luxury bedding, you can't miss these pillowcases made of 6A grade long fibre pure mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 Momme.

Not only will this copper coloured mulberry silk pillowcase look amazing, but silk also reduces friction that causes tugging and creasing of facial skin, and helps retain your face moisture. Low friction is silk also prevents your hair from pulling and tangling.


  • 1 x 22 Momme Grade 6A long thread 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase. 
  • 20 X 26 Inches
  • Silk On Both Sides 
  • High-Grade Kraft Box For Storage + Travel

Care Instructions:

  • Handwash (Room temperature water) with Genteel
  • Dry Clean
  • No Soaking
  • No Rubbing or Soaking
  • Hang dry and no direct exposure to the Sun